Our Trade Policy at a Glance

  • We give store credit in exchange for gently used books
  • Acceptance of books depends on their condition and our current stock.
  • Books can be brought in to The Bookworm anytime during store hours (10am - 6pm Tues - Sat) However, if you have a large quantity of books to trade (more than two boxes) please call us at 618-457-2665 to make arrangements. We may be unable to accept books for trade during book signings.
  • You will receive store credit in the amount of half what we will sell it for in our store. You may then use your credit for 50% of each purchase at our store (for example, if you buy an $8 book, you may use $4 of your credit toward your purchase).
  • Our trade policy helps the environment by allowing you to RECYCLE books you have already read. When using trade credit you SAVE MONEY by paying only half the price of the books and it helps us STAY IN BUSINESS by providing some cash flow so we can pay our monthly expenses like rent and utilities.


  • How many books can I bring in to trade at one time?
  • You can bring in up to 4 grocery bags or 2 medium boxes of books at a time. If you have a large quantity of books to trade, please call us to make arrangements.
  • What kind of books do you take?
  • We accept hardback, paperback and audio books in all genres. We choose books based on condition, how many copies we already have, and customer demand.
  • What kind of books do you not accept?
  • We are not able to offer store credit for magazines, CDs or DVDs, Readers Digest condensed books, or out-of-date books on such topics as computers, business and health. We do not accept books that are damp or obviously damaged. This includes books without covers, or those with torn or loose pages, food or drink spills, dirt, mold, or insect damage.
  • How much store credit do I get for my books?
  • We give you 50% of our store price.
  • How do I use my store credit?
  • Trade credit can be used at any time to pay for up to 50% of the purchase of in-stock USED books. For example: if a used book is priced at $8 in the store, you may use $4 of your trade credit toward the cost of the book. You would then pay $4 plus tax.
  • Is there anything I can't use my store credit for?
  • Trade credit cannot be used toward new books, merchandise, local books or special orders.
  • Does my store credit expire?
  • No, your credit never expires! However you are responsible for keeping track of the credit slip you receive. We do not keep a record of your credit and cannot be responsible for lost credit slips.
  • Do you pay cash for books?
  • Yes, we pay cash for current textbooks. Please click here for more information.
    We may pay cash for some current hardcover releases, high demand titles, or rare and collectible books. We must evaluate each book to determine eligibility for cash payment.